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Projecturf Web-based Project Management App

Trusted by companies worldwide

Companies that love Projecturf Companies that love Projecturf Companies that love Projecturf Companies that love Projecturf Companies that love Projecturf Companies that love Projecturf Companies that love Projecturf

Manage projects, tasks, and people

Projecturf is the ultimate project management solution. Businesses worldwide use Projecturf to organize project teams, manage tasks and assignments, communicate daily, and get valuable business insights.

  • Drag and drop

    Project Management

  • Nested subtasks

    Task Management

  • Track progress

    Business Insights

  • Chit chat

    Collaboration & Sharing

Projecturf at a glance

Do great work. We'll deal with the chaos that surrounds it.

  • Unmatched User Experience

    Unmatched User Experience

    A project management system is supposed to make your life easier, not more difficult. Projecturf features intuitive design and easy-to-spot functionalities, which means your team will get used to it right away.

  • Comprehensive Project Management

    Comprehensive Project Management

    Projecturf simplifies all four functions of management - planning, organizing, leading and controlling. And when management is this easy, managers can spend more time creating mind-boggling new things.

  • Communication Made Easy

    Communication Made Easy

    Give tasks, post comments, send messages - communicating everything everyone needs to know in order to their job quickly and efficiently is groundbreaking in itself. Most companies still haven’t figured it out.

  • Calendars & Events

    Calendars & Events

    Who needs a personal assistant? What you want is to have a clear vision of yours and your team’s scheduled meetings and events so that you can compare availability, keep track of your staff and get reminders for the really important things. Projecturf does all that.

  • Time & Budget Tracking

    Time & Budget Tracking

    Welcome to the world where projects get completed on time and on budget. Our time and expense tracker + the built-in timer won’t let you and anyone of your team miss another deadline or go over budget every again.

  • File Sharing

    File Sharing

    Share as many files as needed until you and your teammates create the best you’re capable of. Have trouble choosing from everything you’ve uploaded? Delete the firm no’s with one click and move forward.

  • Business Intelligence Reporting

    Business Intelligence Reporting

    Finally, you’ll be able to understand what all those numbers mean. You’ll know what to focus on. You’ll know what works well. You’ll know when to celebrate. And one should always know when to celebrate.

  • Real-Time Notifications

    Real-Time Notifications

    In order for projects to move quickly, you need to know when someone has a question or a comment right away. Projecturf real-time notifications will leave no issue unresolved.

  • Permission-Based Operations

    Permission-Based Operations

    Some people on your team only need access to project A, and others only need access to project B. Why confuse them with too much information? Optimize operations by keeping people focused on one thing at a time.

  • Big Picture Perspective

    Big Picture Perspective

    You can see all your projects, tasks, events and conversations in one place. We know it sounds like a feature that would give you a headache, but you’ll actually be clearer than ever before on everything that’s happening.

  • Idea Sparking Notes

    Idea Sparking Notes

    Projecturf notes are blank sheets to use on every meeting. Fill them up with ideas, let everyone see them, then utilize them or scrap them - no paper needed. Good for you, good for the environment.

  • Inspiring To-Do Lists

    Inspiring To-Do Lists

    Prioritized to-do lists make all the difference. Don’t just be working, be on the top of your game and always super productive with Projecturf to-do lists.

  • Customization Available

    Customization Available

    Need a feature added? A feature removed? A feature changed? Whatever fits your business best, we’re happy to deliver it. Just let us know.

  • Hands-On Customer Service

    Hands-On Customer Service

    We’re always there when you have questions or aren’t sure how to best use the system.

  • Extra Safety Features

    Extra Safety Features

    Keep critical information safe. Projecturf uses the latest technology in the industry to guarantees your files and communication is secure.

Don't just take our word for it

Our customers love Projecturf! Dollar for dollar, there's no better investment you can make in running your business more effectively.

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  •  We have built a national company on this technology so our experience is very positive. Our company infrastructure is based on low TCO, scalable, intuitive solutions and Projecturf is a key piece of this environment.
    Stephen Boane, CEO, Traemand

  •  We were looking for a Project Managment Program for months and all of them didn’t work very well. Some of them were really complex, other the interface was just horrible….. when we start our Trial Version with Projecturf in less than 8 hours we had already subscribed to their services. Amazing!!!! 5 stars!!!!
    Marcelo Scharan, Mix Media Group


  •  Our manager loves it; they don’t worry about losing ‘time’ anymore; and our sales reps love being able to update clients on progress and use report information to estimate production load on our teams before agreeing to hard deadlines.
    Sarin Shah, Director, Persource


Extremely well-designed…there’s ridiculously easy navigation, coherent layout of tasks, and full customization.

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Unlike their clunky competitor Basecamp, Projecturf delivers a clean interface and easy organization.

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Projecturf just might be the perfect productivity app for your team.

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Manage projects, tasks, and people with ease

Use Projecturf to reduce business chaos, recapture lost man-hours, and gain critical business insights. Projecturf is the ultimate project management software for companies and teams. Get started now!

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