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Our story

We needed a better Project Management app. Turns out, we weren't the only ones...

Since 2008

Before Projecturf came to life, the team at Rareview, a Digital Design Agency, had been looking for the right tools to properly run our business. After trying out several different project management apps, nothing seemed to stick for collaboration or for project management. Employees and client just weren't using the apps we attempted to introduce, even after sending emails and communicating through the various apps.

Projecturf project management software

No good solutions existed

Ultimately, this lack of adoption with the external tools would lead to some major changes for us. We knew that we needed a better way to run the business and communicate with clients, communicate across different functions, and handle working with teams in various locations. Therefore, we began discussing building our own tool and eventually started drawing on paper what this might look like.

Vision with a purpose...

About a year later, a new in-house tool was born and working! This is when we decided that our project management tool wasn't going to be just an app for our company, but something that would help other companies improve their operations, workflow, and communication as well. In it's infancy, the first version of Projecturf was essentially a beta product and released to the public in March of 2008. Since then and several versions later, we've seen thousands of companies just like yours use Projecturf with their teams everyday and continue to improve their bottom line and achieve great things.

Owner-funded & Operated

Projecturf is 100% owner-funded and operated since 2008 and we are now a sizeable team with big ideas and we’ve been profitable since year one. We are dedicated to providing more than just a good product, but a way of doing business that enhances your communication, projects, relationships, and even your bottom line. To accomplish this, our focus has been and always will be on creating a memorable experience that provides the tools you need to succeed.

Why we care...

We’ve always made it a priority to incorporate your feedback into new product updates. Yes, you heard that right...you are a critical part of the Projecturf roadmap. We realize that at the end of the day, Projecturf is a tool you rely on for much more than just storing data. It's your people and relationships that matter most and Projecturf is an integral part of that. Therefore, we want you to feel like Projecturf is yours and is customized to fit your needs.

Modern, Slick, and Simple

The design creates the user experience and the features and functionality simply supplement the design. Therefore, every aspect of the Projecturf design from "where to click" to perform an action in the app, to how users will interact with every and any function, and down to each individual pixel is mapped out, reviewed, redesigned, changed and iterated on, tested, tested, and tested even more to create the best user-experience possible. Once we feel like we have something incredible that will significantly improve and change how your team operates, the updates are implemented for all our customers.

Build and Spec to Your Needs

How does Projecturf work new features into the design? The features that are added will support the design and make using Projecturf a remarkable experience day in and day out while also providing both flexibility and simplicity, which is what makes Projecturf stand out in a class of it's own. To put your best foot forward with employees, clients, and customers, you'll want to use a project management software that anyone can learn in a few minutes, is visually appealing, fun and easy to use, and makes a big difference all around in the way you do business.

Made in the USA

We don't outsource our development to other countries that charge less. We build our product in the USA and support it internally. There are several reasons for this, but most importantly, to build the type of experience for our customers that we set out to build, it is vital to focus on quality and we can ensure we'll get that quality by managing our development in-house. Our development team works closely with the design team everyday and follows strict processes and protocols that have been set up to make Projecturf outstanding and to meet the needs of our customers.

Customer Service

We'll never leave you hanging. We know first hand how important it is to keep things running smoothly and whenever you need help or have a question, we make it a priority to respond quickly. Send us an email and expect a quick response back using this address: support@projecturf.com. If it's not during normal business hours, we'll get to your inquiry the next business day. In the rare case that you have an urgent inquiry, we will respond outside of regular business hours. To learn more about how different aspects of Projecturf work or about a specific feature, you will find full documentation of each project section located here: Knowledgebase. For those of you that like to watch quick video tutorials, those are all accessible in the knowledge base, but here is a quick access link to the videos: Video Tutorials.

We're also listening to your thoughts and ideas on how to make things better for your company or department. Please share these ideas with the Projecturf community or vote on existing ones using the suggestion forum located here - Suggestion Forum. Every idea receives the same amount of consideration, but ideas with the most votes that fit into the app well, are immediately reviewed for the next release cycle.

Customized for you

As an added benefit, we do provide custom features and functionality to enterprise accounts. To learn more about signing up for an enterprise account, visit our pricing page.

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