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Projecturf Launches

Rareview (Rareview) has released a new form of online collaboration and project management software called Projecturf (Projecturf).

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) — Rareview (Rareview) announced today the release of a new form of online collaboration and project management software called Projecturf (Projecturf).

With vast growth in popularity over the last several years, online collaboration and project management software has become the single best tool to successfully execute any project. Finding the right software has never been easy, which is why we are proud to introduce Projecturf, a stylish and easy-to-use project management system that you can customize to meet your team’s needs.

Over the last five years, Rareview Interactive has built and tailored an in-house project management program for managing large-scale projects, employees, and clients. After realizing the lack of bona fide options on the market, we overhauled our original product, changed the name to Projecturf, and packaged it for external use. In addition to discussions, milestones, integrated calendars, tasks, timecards, and an address book, Projecturf includes both a development and design section specifically created for agencies and freelancers.

“Our objective was to build a product that is visually appealing and easy for anyone to use. We found that most other project management and collaboration solutions are burdensome, difficult to navigate, and unappealing. Therefore, we took a completely different approach to our product and style. Projecturf includes stylish icons with customized colors and a visually pleasing appearance. Combined with super easy navigation and organized features, Projecturf was made for anyone to use as a scalable product for all size projects, teams, and companies,” says Chuck Pearson, CEO of Rareview Interactive and Projecturf.

On top of the unique style and intuitive interface, Projecturf differentiates itself with “best in industry” pricing that includes unlimited storage on all paid plans, unlimited users, document permissions, simplicity, and a management team dedicated to customer service and constant system enhancements to improve the fresh Projecturf experience!

To impress your team and clients find out more at www.projecturf.com. It will help you not only manage your projects, but also look good throughout the process!