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Projecturf Updates on the Way

First, I want to thank all of the folks who have signed up with Projecturf so far. These first few weeks have been great and we’ve certainly had some excited customers signing up, using Projecturf, and talking with us.

I also want to thank those who have taken some time to provide feedback via our Forum or over email. We love the fact that our users are passionate enough about Projecturf to not only suggest enhancements, but help us figure out how to best implement them so they fit your needs.

Without getting into great detail, I want to let you all know that there is a major release coming very soon. We have taken some of the feedback we’ve gotten from current customers and have incorporated the ones we have heard multiple times. We have also added a couple of additional features ourselves (from our very long to-do list). While I cannot tell you exactly when the new release is coming (and while we have a policy not to share what is coming), I can tell you that you should expect to see some major additions to Projecturf within the next few weeks. Of course, all of those with an existing account will get a message. You may check this blog and our website to get a rundown of exactly what the release entails. 

I hope so far that our customers can see that quick responses, openness to customer ideas/input, and continual improvements is something that is very important to our company. We realize that you are the ones that use the product on a daily basis (actually, we do too, of course, but nonetheless), so it is very important to us that you have a voice. We hope to constantly have open dialogue with customers about our product and we hope to continually improve so that Projecturf remains the best Project Management tool on the market. 

In addition, I also wanted to quickly mention that we have a better tutorial / tour coming. For those who want to see how to best use Projecturf, stay tuned (check the main website www.projecturf.com).

In short, there’s a lot on the horizon. I think this next update will address a lot of the feedback we’ve received so far. Thank you to all our customers and we appreciate the feedback on how to make Projecturf a better project manager!