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Why You Need a Project Management Tool

For purposes of this short article, I am going to talk about why it’s important to have a project management tool if you are in the web development or design industry specifically. As the owner of an interactive design and development agency, I speak from experience when I say that a project management system is one of the most critical tools of our trade. Without it, we’d spend the majority of our time disseminating information from clients to designers to developers and everyone in between. But with a good project management application, a large part of that process is streamlined. By assigning teams to projects and giving clients access, whatever is going on can be tracked, read, and commented on by any member of the team.

Let me provide an example. Our agency, Rareview Interactive, is working on a new website for a client called ACME Industries. When the client comes on board, we immediately create the project in Projecturf. We add everyone on the client team and on our team as project contacts. This gives everyone access to the project online and also ensures they get notified anytime one of the project team members does something. So Andrew, our designer, has some comps for the client to review. Rather than sending them via email where they can get lost, sent to junk mail, are blocked because they are too big, etc.; he simply uploads them to the design section of Projecturf. Then every member of the team gets a short email notification that a new design was posted by Andrew. The client can login, check it out, make comments, approve it, rate it, and more. Let’s say ACME wants the overall color scheme to be blue instead of red. They write a discussion comment and that is automatically emailed to everyone on the team. Even if you’re not on the design side, you can easily keep up-to-speed without having to constantly ask other team members where the project stands. This is just one simple example, as Projecturf has many sections to manage the entire project. 

There are a variety of benefits to a project management system. Everything related to the project is stored in one central location, that’s always accessible with any Internet connection. Everyone stays informed throughout the process. Files can be stored and organized. Tasks can be created for individuals. Milestones can be managed. You can find anything relating to that project in snap by simply searching for it; and much more.


Of course this isn’t only important to those of us in this industry. Almost all industries manage projects. These tools can help government agencies, schools, and businesses alike. It’s been critical to managing our projects and I know it can be essential to helping you better manage yours.