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Customer Questionnaire Feedback – Advertising Agency

We recently sent out an email request to one of our very first customers. The request sent out was a questionnaire to address some specific questions regarding not only their thoughts about Projecturf, but how they are using it everyday. This should help give all of you some ideas not only on how Projecturf can benefit you, but also on how important others find collaboration software in managing projects. Here are several responses from a well-respected firm – TTC Advertising:

Please explain how your using Projecturf (Size of team, type of projects, streamlining processes)?
We are using Projecturf for most of our creative projects – print ads, brochures, web sites, etc. PT is mainly used between a project manager & designer — then once initial creative is fleshed out, it’s “shared” with the Creative Director. We do this so email alerts don’t clog up the Creative Director’s inbox until his input is needed.

How has Projecturf Benefited you the most?
The main benefits of Projecturf to us are: the ability and ease to send, comment & keep track of the most recent project proofs & documentation of requested revisions (eliminates the possibility of sending the wrong file to printers or publishers when numerous versions have been produced — this has happened a few times before PT); the ability to easily “share” large files with clients; and we’ve also set up a Project called “TTC Drop Site” as an FTP-type place for clients or other agencies to upload photos or large files. 

What feature(s) do you like the most?
The overall collaboration functions.

Additional comments? Would you recommend to others?
For collaboration I would recommend PT to others. We have used BaseCamp in the past and find PT is easier to use and better designed.

Note that in our next release (hopefully in a couple of weeks) we are addressing the email notifications by allowing each users to turn them off and on for each section. Be sure to check back in a couple weeks 🙂

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