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It hasn’t been long since we officially launched Projecturf to the public – only a matter of several months. We are very pleased to have received a review from a leading publisher, TopTenReviews. This review is fairly in-depth and provides a comprehensive side-by-side comparison and category ratings as well.

All in all, they have ranked us as #6 and mention that there are a few features that would enhance the Projecturf experience. The feature commented on, task/milestone association, has actually been developed and is going to be added to Projecturf in the next release along with many other upgrades and enhancements. Here are some more notable remarks –

Ease of Use

“One of Projecturf’s best features is the streamlined interface. Large icons line the top of the screen presenting you with the navigation, updating and resource links you need to keep your project current. When opening your project interface, the first things to come up are your project briefs, update announcements (since you were last logged in), and the tasks to be completed that day—all of which inform you of immediate concerns regarding your project. Project navigation is simple, as each interface icon leads to a corresponding area, which in turn is divided into two or three tabs for different needs.”


“Projecturf relies on its sleek interface and user forum to make creating, managing and completing projects simple. With its design section, designers will find this project management software ideal for interchanging and displaying graphics and logos for project completion.”

Be sure to check back soon to read about our new features!

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