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Another Feature Release! Version 1.6 includes Duplicating Projects

Duplicate a Project – After receiving many requests for adding multiple Milestones and Tasks at once, we’ve developed a solution and just released it for all customers on paid accounts! For users with similar tasks and milestones on different projects, we created the ability to duplicate a project with the click of one button. As an admin, select your projects page and click the plus sign to add a project. In the box, you will type in the name of your new project and select the other project you are duplicating from the drop down menu right below the text box. Click add, and you now have a duplicate project with all the same Milestones, Tasks, Project Briefs on the Dashboard, and Contacts!

Here are a couple of beneficial ways to use this new feature and save yourself extra time

  • If you need to create a similar project to an existing one, you are ready to go without re-inputting all of your tasks and milestones. Just make the few changes you’ll need on this project and you’re good to go!
  • Use it as a dummy project (in other words a master list of milestones and tasks) so that you can start with this list on any project where you may need some or all of the same tasks and milestones.

We hope you enjoy the new feature and please keep sending us your requests. As always, our core focus is on the design, user-interface, customer satisfaction, and features.