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Major Projecturf Updates in Version 1.5

Our much-anticipated update is finally here! In response to all of our users requests over the last several months, we have just released a new update of Projecturf. We have been working diligently to provide you with the best features to effectively manage your projects; while at the same time staying true to our core functionality, workflow, and design. Some major enhancements listed below include a dynamic gantt chart, associating tasks with milestones, and a newly developed business tool called the project completion report. All Projecturf users on paying plans receive every feature, including the ones released in this update:

Ability to apply multiple filters and sorts to Tasks & Milestones
You can drill down to get the data you need by utilizing multiple filters. Users may now apply a filter to a previous filter. These filters include milestones, priority, and responsibility. At each level applied, users may sort by any of the column categories.

Associate any task with a milestone
The Milestone section shows the number of associated tasks. Clicking the associated tasks link takes you to the tasks page and automatically filters by that task. You can also filter by milestone on the task page directly to see the tasks that are associated with a particular milestone.

Re-organized menu items in navigation for easier use
We re-organized the icons on the top to better suit the workflow of your projects. Milestones and tasks are next to each other for consistency.

Added a Tools section with new reporting tools
This is a completely new section designed for tracking and reporting on any project. Some benefits include managing resource allocations, getting graphical representations of tasks and milestones, and printing reports that will help you hit deadlines.

Created a Project Completion Report with percentages to track complete project progress
In the new tools section, there is a link to our new Projects Completion Report. Here you will find all the important aspects of your projects including project status, due dates, percent complete, milestones, and all associated tasks. There is a statistical summary at the bottom that provides a percent complete analysis of your project and a company header with project status info at the top.

Percent complete for each milestone is based on the number of tasks completed divided by the total number of tasks for that milestone. Whereas, percent complete for the project is based on the percent complete of each milestone divided by the total number of milestones. This report improves the project planning process by providing a quick view of all deadlines and time allotted, current milestone completion status, and insight into what team members are working on at that time.

Added a Gantt chart for Milestones and Tasks with ability to dynamically change date range, as well as link directly to milestone or task
Adding the Gantt chart to the tools section is a critical and major update to Projecturf. From this chart, you may select any six month range of your project milestones, associated tasks, dates, duration, and responsible party. Use your mouse to hover over any timeline or tasks, and the details are displayed. Also, users may click on the task or milestone and jump to the task or milestone page to edit them directly.

Added tool tips on all icons throughout application
When hovering your mouse over any icons throughout the application, the browsers tooltip will now display the type of file or icon it is as additional help when using Projecturf.

Changed Project Brief icon to new one on dashboard to enhance the design

Project link in email notifications now open directly to corresponding project and section
When receiving email notifications about any activity from a project, the link in the email now opens directly to the cooresponding project and section, making it much quicker to view and respond to the latest activity in the correct project. This helps those of you managing many projects go to the section by eliminating clicks.

Task email reminders now contain dates and milestone associations

Created new My Alerts section to manually turn on/off email alerts in each section per project
Email notifications of activities on all projecsts are turned on by default. Users can now manage those alerts per project and per section. As an example, if you don’t want to receive notifications about new tasks on project B, then you can turn the task notifications off for project B in my alerts section.

Added start and end dates to tasks
Adding start / end dates to tasks is optional. You may choose to add only a start or an end date. These will show up in the Tools section when associated with a milestone. Keep in mind that the start and end dates are also used on the gantt chart in the Tools section. Therefore, if no start and end dates exist, the gantt chart will display your tasks with the same dates used on the associated milestone.

Removed Projecturf copyright information on paid accounts from the bottom of the application

Please keep sending us your feature requests so that your requests receive serious consideration in the next update. Enjoy the new Projecturf and feel free to email us with any questions, comments, or desires.

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