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Our New Website Sports an Updated Look & Free Trial

We have just released our new website. This update coincides with our latest Projecturf application releases and has some important features that we’d like to discuss. The new website is easier to navigate with fewer pages while providing a better overview and understanding of the application. We have developed a refreshed ‘look and feel’ that is more consistent with our overall brand. This includes an animated screenshot walkthrough of all the main sections in Projecturf on the homepage, a stylish new logo that signifies the simplicity of our product, a quick video tour, and a clean layout of the important features.

For those who want a taste of our product before buying, our newly created Free Trial includes all the features of any paid plan (free trial users are restricted to 2MB of file storage and can only manage a single project) and does not require a credit card to sign up. We have included a sample project with our free trial to demonstrate the simplicity, flexibility, and power of Projecturf in managing your projects.

The other big change is with our pricing plans. Since all paying plans include all features, we reduced the number of plans to make it easier for customers to decide. The new plans include the Start-Up plan at 15 projects, the Business plan at 40 projects, and the Enterprise plan with unlimited projects. Current customers will remain on their old plans until they decide to upgrade or downgrade.

Also, there are a few minor updates to the application to make it easier to manage your projects. One of these updates is that we now included the milestone date when creating a task and associating it with a milestone, making it easier to assign a date to the task the corresponds to the milestone.

Please visit our new website at www.projecturf.com.

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