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Get to Know Page Themes

Projecturf offers 7 main color themes to tailor the app to your company’s colors. In addition, we now offer page themes in version 2.0. Currently, we offer 2 main page themes; pearl and charcoal. The default theme is charcoal, but you can easily switch this in your My Account section under the System Settings bucket. Just choose the Colors tab and you can instantly see the change when you click the different swatches.

Choose your colors

This theme was introduced so that the app could have a lighter feel for those who don’t like darker sites as much. In addition, if your branding and logo would fit better on a white background, this is the theme for you.

Existing customers may not know about this option because you may already like your color theme and have it set. But if you check out the color swatches,  you’ll now see this additional option. Once set, this also affects your custom login page as well.

Pearl theme login screen

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