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New in Projecturf 2.0, you can reply to discussions directly from your inbox. When creating a discussion from the Designs, Documents, or Discussions section, simply check the box to send email notifications and everyone that has been given permission will receive the email. When replying from your inbox, send your response between the two lines in the email (which are shown below) and it will automatically post to that discussion topic in your Projecturf account. Additionally, with each reply you will receive a new email notification with the latest comments and the same format for replying back into your project management tool. Also, you will not receive emails for your own replies since you already know what you had sent and to limit the number of emails you receive. You may also include links with your replies.

// —- [ Type BELOW THIS LINE to post a reply ] —- //

// —- [ Type ABOVE THIS LINE to post a reply ] —- //

This project management collaboration feature improves the online collaboration experience by saving you time and centralizing all of your project related discussions.

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