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10 Projecturf Tools that Simplify Your Projects

Project management software can provide many useful benefits to businesses and freelancers. Some of these are easily quantifiable right away such as centralizing and organizing all the moving parts of a project, while others you start to see over time. I’ve compiled a list of several features available in Projecturf that will help you be more efficient in managing your projects, free up a lot of your time, reduce administrative tasks, and keep you focused on getting things done.

Contact Groups: Use the advanced drag and drop functionality to create contact groups for quickly adding users to a project, for assigning users to a task or ticket, and setting permissions in any section. This is not only a big time saver when assigning tasks and tickets to pre-defined groups, but a great way to keep all your contacts organized.

Creating contact groups

Drag and Drop Calendar similar to iCal:  A full calendar for every project which includes your tasks, subtasks, and events. Simply drag and drop events or rearrange project plans quickly. You can view all your schedules from your project calendar and make adjustments on the fly.

Update schedules using the calendar

Reply to discussions via email: Reply to notifications directly from your inbox and keep all your discussions centralized in one location. Use this section to quickly find old emails and archive past discussions.  You can also create discussions that are linked to specific designs and documents.

Reply to discussions via email

RSS Feeds / Email Notifications: Use the detailed RSS feeds to track all your project updates and choose to be notified via email of new project activity. You will be notified every time someone makes a change to a project or adds a new item.

Send email notifications

Global Dashboard: Allows you to track all of your projects in a single location. Use reports for simple and clear summaries of your data and resources and view latest activity, calendars, tasks, bug tracking entries, timecards, and more across all your projects. Simplify your existing project plans and stay informed on all projects in one place.

Global dashboard view

Whiteboards: This section was added to allow users to create, edit, share, and collaborate on documents in Projecturf. It is similar to Google Docs and let’s users set permissions, tack versions, and make edits using a custom inline editor. This eliminates emailing around files and asking others for updates. Keep all edits centralized and stay organized using this collaboration software tool.

Create whiteboards

Project Templates: The project templates allow you to use a set list of tasks, subtasks, and contacts for any new project. The dates from the your task list update automatically when you duplicate the project based on when the project is created. This is a great way to start a new project if you have similar tasks.

Create projects from templates

File Versioning: If you’re like me, then you are constantly collaborating on different documents and making updates and changes to files. In the documents section, click the Actions button to upload a new version. It will always show the latest file along with all prior versions to keep track of the changes.

Version control in documents

Approve and Rate Designs: These two features will make a big difference if you work a lot with clients or designers. Whoever is given permissions on a design can digitally approve them and also rate any design based on a 5 star scale. This removes many roadblocks to moving projects along and getting things done.

Multiple digital approvals

Project Completion Report: This is my favorite report because it gives you a full picture of your project at any point in time. You can customize the report based on any dates or specific users, it’s nicely formatted to print, and the output displays tasks with subtasks, status, due date, who’s responsible, and the percent complete.

Project Completion Report

These project tools are available on all of our Projecturf accounts for your online project management needs.

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