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With the recent release of version 2.1, Projecturf introduced budgeting for tracking your spend on any projects. From the project settings page, simply input your total hours and total costs for the project. There is an easy to read chart at the bottom of the timecard section that displays your budgets in comparison to your paid and unpaid entries as seen here:

Project budgets by hour or cost

This new project management software feature allows you to quickly enter budgets and will automatically populate the charts to show you where the project spending stands at any given time. You will instantly know if the amounts entered in the timecard section are in line with your budgets. This simple and highly effective tool was designed in an intuitive way to make managing budgets less cumbersome and to keep you focused on getting things done. We also added the ability to check off items that have been paid in a similar fashion to the tasks section by clicking the box on the far left of the timecard entry.

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