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A brand new Gantt Chart is now available to all users with the recent release of version 2.1. The custom Javascript Gantt Chart lets you view all tasks and subtasks for each project and globally across all projects from the reports or tasks section. The chart automatically populates the data from your tasks page with the click of a button, therefore requiring no additional work by the user. You can customize the chart to view specific dates, sort on any criteria, filter for specific contacts, and remove subtasks. When hovering your mouse over a timeline on the Gantt Chart, it will show a simple tooltip with the dates, full duration of the task, and the persons responsible as seen here:

Projecturf's Gantt chart

Additionally, you can see the full description of a task by hovering over the task on the far left. The chart is non-flash and therefore works on the Apple iPad and iPhone devices as well as in any modern browser.

The Projecturf Gantt chart is an easy-to-use tool for viewing project plans and resources and making important decisions for your businesses.

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