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We are pleased to announce that a major upgrade – Projecturf 2.1 – is now available to all users. We have spent the last couple of months creating several new features and enhancements based on the requests and votes received on our suggestion forum. Here is a list of the new features available with this latest update:

  • Sleek and robust Gantt Chart built with the same Projecturf style you are used to. Simple to use and allows you to customize the chart at both the project and global levels.
  • Repeat events on the Calendar that can be set weekly, monthly or annually.
  • Set budgets and track them at the project level using a simple stats chart in the Timecards section
  • Added filter tags which allows for having multiple filters and easily seeing what filters are applied.
  • Ability to filter the Tasks and Calendar sections by person at both the global and project levels.
  • Mark off items in the Timecard section that have been paid and filter by paid and unpaid items
  • Date picker now starts on Monday if you select your Calendar week to begin on Mondays
  • When clicking on any item from the Dashboard, Calendar, or global sections, it will now filter to only that item

These online project management features provide the necessary tools to quickly get things done and spend less time managing the app. This update will help you make important decisions easily, streamline your workflow, and allow for simple management of your budgets, schedules, timelines, and resources.

Additionally, we have already started on the next round of enhancements based off of your feedback, so stay tuned!

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