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Fortified Solutions – Helpdesk OnStaff Uses Projecturf to Improve Workflow, Collaboration, and Their Bottom Line

Fortified Solutions – Helpdesk OnStaff is an IT Helpdesk support company that has switched to Projecturf for managing their business. Company CEO Zuriel Reyes explains why they chose Projecturf and the benefits they are seeing. To find out more about Fortified Solutions, visit http://www.fortifiedsolutionsinc.com.

What problems/challenges were you facing that prompted your company to look for a new project management tool?
As a national IT Helpdesk support company we handle hundreds of projects in a single year. We have always struggled with using multiple applications to handle our time management, project time lines and tasks management, project documentation, etc.

If you didn’t have a project management solution in place, what methods did you use prior to selecting Projecturf?
Because we didn’t have a central project management in place we had to rely on using Microsoft Project Manager. This meant emailing our customers PDF documents of the project scope, emailing customers a separate Time Usage log, email documentation, keeping up with email messages, etc.

What other project management tools did you review? Why didn’t you select them?
We searched and tested what seemed like hundreds of so-called project managers that were hard to learn for both our project managers and business customers, lacked a modern feel, did not offer all the features we needed and was not cost-effective in pricing and installation. We tested products like Quickbase.intuit, Clarizen, @task, Daptiv, Project insight, the list goes on.

Why did they not work? Outdated designs, hard to navigate, extensive learning curve. On some it took setting up a schedule time for someone to walk you through all the features to learn how to use them or to just setup the application.

What types of tools/features did your company specifically require for your project management needs?
First of all we needed online tools where all the features could be accessed by our project managers and our customers and we needed the WOW factor in ease of use with very little learning curve, say 15 minutes.

We needed task, subtask management, time management, document to project management, white board/discussion board designated to the project, access control, ticket support and calendar/scheduling control under one roof.

What specifically did Projecturf bring to the table that made it the right solution for your company/organization?
Low startup/maintenance cost
Extremely modern design
Central access to both our employees/Customers
15 minute learning curve
Go-live same day

How has Projecturf been received by your employees to date?
This has been the easiest support application we have transitioned to. Our employees love it.

Business benefit/bottom line results from implementing Projecturf at your company/organization?
Since the inception of Projecturf into our company we save on average 2 hours of paid wages per technician per day. We have technicians nation-wide so this can amount to a saving of $150 plus per day per technician. Projecturf has eliminated emailing documents, time cards, project notes to be added to the project by a project manager, setting up chat sessions, scheduling confirmations, etc.

What tools/features Projecturf are you using the most?
We have from the beginning started using all the tools within the Projecturf environment. But the Project>Task Manager, Calendar and Time Manager are our bread and butter.

Why would you recommend other organizations use Projecturf?
From that moment we have continued to receive WOWs and praises from our customer! Way to go Projecturf. We are a happy customer and proud to share our story!

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