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We just released new pricing options which allow you to signup based solely on the number of projects you need. Since all options come with the same great features, we have removed the need for plans and now you just signup up based on the amount of projects you require to manage your business. Every business account comes with unlimited storage, unlimited users, and all features. With this update, we have added more options to fit your business model such as 70, 100, or unlimited projects and we are also offering more projects at lower prices on the SMB plans. For example, customers currently on the Business plan have received 10 more projects at no additional cost. We also added an option that doubles the number of projects on the StartUp plan for only $5.00 more.

In addition to these changes, there is a new option for freelancers with 5 projects for only $19.99. The individual options still get all the features and unlimited users, however there is a limit on the storage space of 2GB. Also, in support of non-project organizations we are offering a 30% discount off your monthly subscription.

If you are an existing customer and you wish to take advantage of a the pricing, simply go to “My Account” and select “Modify Subscription.” If you are a new customer, just choose the number of projects you need by clicking on the plus and minus signs on the signup page:

Select a plan

This project management software pricing update provides more options and flexibility to help you effectively manage your business. We don’t charge for extra features like many other tools and therefore you only pay for what you need. To check out the new pricing options, click here.