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For simple integration with Dropbox.com, Projecturf allows you to link to any of your Dropbox files or folders. This gives you the flexibility to still work off of your Dropbox files and to keep them centralized with all your other documents in Projecturf and is a simple way to share them with co-workers or clients. After adding a Dropbox URL in Projecturf and setting the permissions, clicking the link will direct you to the Dropbox file. Therefore, when you make changes to a file or folder in Dropbox, the original link you added in Projecturf doesn’t need to be updated.

We have added custom icons for Dropbox links in order to quickly identify them as displayed here:

Projecturf dropbox icon

Here are simple instructions on how to enable sharing and copy the link from your Dropbox account: How do I share a link to a file in my Dropbox folder?

To enter the Dropbox link in Projecturf, go to the project Documents section and click “+ Add New Document.” Next, click on the text to the right of the Select File button and paste in your link. You can also add it to a document folder, create a folder, add a message, and set permissions at the same time.

How to link to Dropbox files

Enhance your online project management workflow with this easy-to-use integration feature.