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We’re planning to add task dependencies into Projecturf in the near future and would like to get feedback on the type of functionality you need to have. We have some ideas in mind for keeping it simple and straight forward without cluttering your project management app, but getting a better understanding of how you want your task dependencies to work will help us determine which features to include. Some ideas we’re considering are the following:

  • Graying out tasks until the task should start
  • Sending email notifications when the dependent task starts (when the predecessor is marked complete)
  • Automatically shifting dates for dependent tasks when the predecessor task date shifts
  • Allow subtasks to be dependent on another subtask or the main task
  • Allow tasks to be dependent on another task

For those of you who think this feature is important, please share your thoughts in the comments section of this post and your requests will be given serious consideration as we develop this feature. We appreciate all your feedback and look forward to your responses!