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How Persource Enhances their Productivity with Projecturf

Persource is a mobile application development house that is using Projecturf to easily and effectively manage their projects. Director Sarin Shah describes the benefits they are seeing and how they are using their new project management application. You can learn more about Persource by visiting http://www.persource.com.

What problems/challenges were you facing that prompted your company to look for a new project management tool?
In previous tools we were not seeing the flexibility of charts and time based entries and post planning that is offered by many desktop suites but not on the web. Our old web based system had become simply a digital time card without much use in planning projects.

If you didn’t have a project management solution in place, what methods did you use prior to selecting Projecturf?
A whiteboard and Daily Task sheets.

What other project management tools did you review? Why didn’t you select them?
Basecamp – worked pretty well but all we used it for was time entry.
Microsoft Project – it was great but not useable over the internet and therefore very difficult for our sales guys on the road to check in on projects.

What types of tools/features did your company specifically require for your project management needs?
Task/Subtask Planning
Time Entry
Resource Management
Exportability of Information
Clean/Easy to Use interface that was easy to learn.

What specifically did Projecturf bring to the table that made it the right solution for your company?
The ability to generate detailed reports and have resource management information such as charts available with the task planning.

How has Projecturf been received by your employees to date?
Our manager loves it; they don’t worry about losing ‘time’ anymore; and our sales reps love being able to update clients on progress and use report information to estimate production load on our teams before agreeing to hard deadlines.

Business benefit/bottom line results from implementing Projecturf at your company?
Projecturf allows us to accurately plan a project as well as get post project information. This process saves us at least 5 administrative hours per project. In the saved time we have project breakdowns to see where we could have improved, based on the charting information provided by projecturf. Projecturf increases our efficiency by a factor of 5, allowing us to communicate, stay on track, and never feel lost.

Why would you recommend other organizations use Projecturf?
Its a great piece of software that is easy to use, looks great, and gives companies instant progress statistics. Projecturf also does a good job listening to users and implementing new features.

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