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In the next few weeks, we’re going to be making important hardware upgrades to support our growth. This update will have minimal downtime but will result in faster response times in the application. In addition to the server upgrade, here are several other significant updates planned for this upcoming release:

  • New User Interface: a major redesign which enhances usability, adds customization options and new functionality, streamlines your workflow, and improves consistency across sections. And of course it will retain the distinct look and feel you’ve become accustomed to with Projecturf.
  • New Permissions: you will be able to customize different types of user access for each project section as well as hide individual sections. The permissions are going to be part of the new UI and therefore will be released in conjunction with this update.
  • Subdomains: your accounts will receive a unique subdomain instead of the custom URL for accessing your project management software.
  • Speed Enhancements: hardware and software updates that will substantially enhance overall performance and improve page loading times.

There will be more details provided about these features and enhancements when they become available. We also have a lot of new features planned immediately following this release. You can continue to share your ideas and vote on your favorite suggestions on the request forum. More to come!

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