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Projecturf helps Lightrhythm Visuals Get Things Done in Style

“Projecturf is visually attractive – I felt much more confident inviting clients to this interface”

Lightrhythm Visuals LTD is a Design firm that is using Projecturf to easily manage their projects and keep their staff motivated. CEO Ben Sheppee describes why he loves using Projecturf. You can learn more about Lightrhythm Visuals by visiting http://lightrhythmvisuals.com.

What problems/challenges were you facing that prompted your company to look for a new project management tool?
In the past we had a lot of troubles getting staff and clients to use online project managment software – I think this is really because it just looked so boring and drab and they saw it as another boring task to do. So Projecturf worked for us because its interfacing was nicely laid out and attractive to use – just has a better sense of design – and as we are based in visual media – that’s really important with who we work with and motivating our staff to use the system.

What other project management tools did you review? Why didn’t you select them?
We used r.project for a while and basecamp – both of which were clunky in layout and akward to manage. They were also missing vital features that Projecturf offered such as Gantt Charts (missing in basecamp) and reports (in r.dot project).

What types of tools/features did your company specifically require for your project management needs?
Gantt Charts were a must, but we really like and utilize the Designs Module which works wonders for us to present and get feedback from clients

What specifically did Projecturf bring to the table that made it the right solution for your company/organization?
Projecturf is visually attractive – I felt much more confident inviting clients to this interface.

How has Projecturf been received by your employees to date?
Everybody on the team is now interested in getting organized – its amazing

Business benefit/bottom line results from implementing Projecturf at your company/organization?
Better communication between staff and with clients over the overall workflow.

Why would you recommend other organizations use Projecturf?
Because it motivates staff to actually get organized and specifically for us it engages the clients into the creative process.

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