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New in Version 3.0: Custom User Permissions for Managers, Staff, and Clients

Custom user permissions are now offered with Projecturf version 3.0. With the new settings, you can customize the permissions for managers, staff, and clients at the project level. This allows you to hide sections and set view only or read / write access to any section. For example, you can hide the Timecard section if a user doesn’t need to record their time for a specific project and hide or set view only permission to the Contacts section to restrict staff from adding users to a project. Once you set the permissions for each type of user, then simply start adding people to the project and selecting their role.

User permissions

Default permission can also be set at the Global level by admins, which is very helpful when using the same permission settings for each project. The permissions can always be further modified at the project level. If you want to learn more about how permissions work with your web-based project management software, visit the support center by clicking here.

We have also created an infographic which nicely outlines the various roles and permissions and works as a great reference guide, and can also be printed.

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