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New in Projecturf version 3.0, you can quickly add timecard entries directly from the task or ticket you are working on. To the right of each task description is a timer icon which when clicked, displays a quick add panel for inputting time for that task. The quick add panel will include your default hourly rate along with a time and date field.  The timer icon also displays any hours and fees that have been recorded for that task and will turn blue once time has been recorded.

Quick time entry

Another benefit of version 3.0 is the ability to search for a task or ticket when adding a new timecard entry from the Timecard section. Use the search field to find what you are looking for and the results will auto-filter and appear in the box below. Simply check off the task or ticket you want to associate your time with and it will link the entry to that task.

Find tasks and tickets

These new enhancements provide necessary flexibility and make adding time in your project management application much quicker.

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