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Replying to Discussions Made Simple AND New Website Released

We have vastly improved the process for replying to discussions from your email. When replying to a discussion, all you will need to do is hit reply, type your message, and click send. Since the emails now say “Add your reply above this line,” everything you type will be included in the reply and post to your account for that discussion topic. You are no longer required to input your message in between the lines, which makes it as easy as replying to any other email. When adding a new discussion from Projecturf, the send email notifications checkbox (as shown below) must be checked to receive the emails. Everyone added to the discussion will receive all email replies.

Click send email notifications

Website Redesign

We also redesigned our website and released it to the public on Friday, July 1st. The streamlined design offers a quick overview of our plans and simple sign up as well as a video demo of version 3.0, which is included on the Projecturf homepage. This new custom blog is also a major part of the release and provides a sleek design and quick navigation, which we have transitioned over from WordPress.

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