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Customize Projects to Your Liking

With all the customization options available in Projecturf, you have full control over each one of your projects. From the project settings page under Roles & Permissions, you can hide sections and reports from clients, staff, and managers. This will also hide features not being utilized in the project. If for example the team will not be using the Timecard section in one of the projects, then simply hide this section and the timecard icons will be removed from all tasks and tickets on that project. You can also hide sections from certain user types such as clients or from everyone. If you aren’t going to be presenting designs in a project, hide the Designs section from all user types from the project settings page. It’s that easy. You also have the option to set view only or read / write access for each user in every section.

customize Roles and permissions

Additional customization options allow you to change the project status, set a color for each project, customize email notifications, and more.

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