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Quick Tip: Easily View Workloads with the Task Assignment Report

There are several options to view project schedules and workloads across all of your projects, including the Global Calendar, Tasks, and Reports section and the Global Gantt chart. To quickly see a list of each users workload and progress, click on the Task Assignment report from the Global Reports section. This will give you an overview of the number of tasks that are late, due today, incomplete, and completed for each user across all projects. It also displays the percent complete by user, lists the overall percent complete, and offers a nicely formatted print option.

global task assignments

To view workloads for a specific time frame, set the dates at the top of the report and click update. You can also easily sort based on preference, such as who has the highest number of overdue tasks or who has the most tasks to complete over a given time period. This provides a simple way to plan your projects and assign tasks based on user workloads. The Task Assignment report is available at both the global and project level.