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Projecturf version 3.2 was just released and is available to all new and existing customers. This update includes several major new features and enhancements that provide additional functionality and help improve efficiency by speeding up your workflow. This latest version includes the following:

  • Drag and drop Gantt chart that allows you to move and resize your tasks and subtasks to update your timelines quickly. This is available at both the Global level across all your projects and the project level.
  • Apply colors to the Gantt charts to easily decipher between projects on the Global Gantt chart when updating your project schedules.
  • Add expenses to your Timecard. You can also associate fixed expenses with a task or ticket and track to your budgets.
  • Filter timecards based on selected dates to quickly view a specific week, month, etc. and export them based on the applied filters.
  • Sync all your tasks and subtasks to any popular calendar application. Simply check a box and the feed will automatically generate.
  • Receive a daily digest email in HTML format of all new, completed, and upcoming tasks, tickets, and events.
  • Receive nicely formatted HTML emails for all your notifications and discussions. HTML emails can also be turned off if you wish to receive plain text emails.
  • Get notified of Projecturf updates, news, features, and blog posts when logged in. This can be turned on and off in the account section.

These new features and enhancements were a direct result of feedback from you. Share ideas and vote on existing suggestions here: Projecturf suggestion box. To learn more about the Gantt chart and task syncing, visit the support center. We have also added a video tutorial of the Gantt chart for those who prefer video over text.

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