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Easily navigate the Projecturf Interface

The current Projecturf design and layout is the result of over a year spent in the lab refining every last detail with pixel-perfect precision and throughly testing each component. Projecturf was designed with the end user in mind to offer an intuitive and flexible project management software which is easy to navigate and customize, has practically no learning curve, significantly improves productivity, is aesthetically pleasing, and is enjoyable to use.

Here are some key components of the User Interface that differentiate Projecturf and make managing your projects simple:

  • The Global section stays pinned on the left side to easily access it at any time. By clicking the Global tab, you will see data across all your projects and remain in the same section you were previously viewing in your project. You can also click your logo on the top left at any time to enter the Projects page.
  • Global dashboard

  • Pin up to 6 different project tabs to quickly jump back and forth between your projects. Drag and drop project tabs into any order you prefer. The selected project tab will be highlighted and you can close project tabs by clicking the “x” button on the tab. Quickly enter the project settings by clicking on the settings icon on the open project tab.
  • project settings icons

  • Use the “+” button on top right of the main navigation bar to quickly add a new item from any page. The plus button is used in all project sections to add new data.
  • plus button add new items quickly

  • Action panels are used throughout the app in all the project sections for changing or removing data. This was designed for consistency across sections, ease of use, and to unclutter data rows with lots of icons.
  • new projecturf action panels

  • Each project section is easily identified by the custom icons at the top of the page. Simply click an icon to enter a project section. Sections and functionality can be turned off in the Project Settings page for any user or for all users on the project.
  • project section icons

  • Find any data quickly using the gray filter bar or click the magnifying glass to search the project or section. Most sections such as Tasks and Tickets are laid out as simple lists that can be sorted or filtered to instantly access your critical project information. You can also sort the data by using the column headings right above your data.
  • filtering bar under navigation

  • Projecturf is professional looking and fully customizable. You can set the background color, upload and crop your logo, set the navigation colors, create a unique subdomain, and also customize the colors for the Gantt charts and calendars.
  • custom colors project management

  • Projecturf deploys the latest web technologies such as jQuery and Ajax for a fast and efficient experience. To speed up your work, you can also use drag and drop to move and resize tasks and events on the calendar or the custom Gantt charts. Drag and drop is also utilized in other areas to make quick updates or changes. Contacts are dragged to create groups and project tabs can be moved quickly with drag and drop as well.

The UI is a top priority for us in order to create the best possible experience for our users. This results in a user-friendly and polished application which is easily adaptable into your workflow, without sacrificing features or functionality. Clients and employees will learn how to navigate and fully utilize Projecturf in minutes.

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