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Keeping track of upcoming deadlines, overdue tasks, and schedule changes across multiple projects and teams can be a daunting task. Using a simple project management software like Projecturf will centralize and track all the moving parts of your projects while keeping you organized and focused on getting things done. A critical part of staying informed and meeting deadlines also includes quick email notifications and project status updates. Therefore, to further enhance project tracking and make managing projects easier, we’ve introduced a daily progress email notifying you of important updates across all of your projects.

The Daily Progress Report is a nicely formatted HTML email displaying your new and completed tasks and tickets, overdue tasks, and upcoming events and tasks. Now you will be notified of what’s due within the next week, upcoming meetings, and which items have been completed. You’ll also see when new tasks or tickets are added and who created them. These emails will only show items based on your individual permissions. System admin will see these changes to all projects regardless of whether or not they are assigned to the project. I’ve included a partial screenshot here with an example of what the report looks like.

Daily Progress Report

Now you have all your project updates available in one simple email. Having this information at your fingertips will ultimately results in greater productivity across project teams, easier communication, and quicker decision making. Everyone on the team will stay informed as each project progresses. To learn more about the Daily Progress Reports, visit the support center by clicking here.

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