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Simple Bug Tracking and Reporting

The Tickets section in Projecturf is very popular among developers and is typically used for managing software development projects and handling technical support. Each project in Projecturf includes a Tickets section that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the project. You can easily add tickets and assign them to one or multiple project contacts, categorize them, record time spent on each ticket, and include notes and screenshots. To make tickets easy to track, they are given a number in sequential order, show the name of the person who created them, and have email updates sent when any changes are made.

tickets bug tracking

You can use the Ticket Response report to view response times for each user. This report shows the number of open and closed tickets along with the average response times by user. This is great way to see how quickly bugs are solved and the remaining workload for each person. The report can be filtered and sorted based on your preferences and also includes average response times for the entire project. Below is a partial screenshot of an example.

average ticket response times

Since each project can be customized, this section can be hidden from any or all users on the project. To learn more about additional features available in the Tickets section such as bookmarking sites and storing and sharing code snippets, click here to visit our support center.

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