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Easily Manage Projects using the Project Completion Report

Projecturf makes managing your projects simple. Each of your projects has a Project Completion Report which allows you to quickly view the progress being made at any time. This report pulls all of your task data together in a presentable format to give you an overview of your project. It includes all of your tasks and subtasks, responsible persons, the status, duration, due dates, and percent complete for each task (as shown in the screenshot below). It can also be customized to show a specific time period and to only display tasks for a specific person.


This report has various sorting options for easily getting your desired output and also includes basic project statistics such as percent complete of the entire project and the overall status of your tasks. By having this information at your fingertips, you can monitor your projects, provide clients or co-workers with a status report, follow up on incomplete or late tasks, and shift responsibilities based on workloads. The Project Completion Report is a very useful tool which helps you stay focused on getting things done.

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