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Online Collaboration Using Whiteboards

Each project in Projecturf includes a Whiteboard section for creating, sharing, and collaborating on files. Whiteboards use a simple check-in / check-out process for updating files. After clicking edit from within a whiteboard, you are essentially “checking it out” and therefore you are the only one who can make changes to the file until checking it back in (by clicking save and close in the top right). A list of who has made changes to it along with a date and time stamp is available by clicking on the arrow to the left of the Whiteboard name. After opening the whiteboard and clicking edit, a formatting toolbar will appear, which is used to add lists or bullets, include images, and easily format text.

Whiteboards formatting

With the whiteboard open, simply hover over the collaborators icon on the top right and you will see who has access to it. Any users that are granted permission to the whiteboard are able to view and make edits to it. Access is easily granted by checking off names when creating or modifying the whiteboard.

Whiteboards are a simple and effective way to create lists, share ideas, develop a plan of action, organize project related data, collaborate with multiple users, and much more. Instead of emailing files around to several people and manually consolidating inputs, use the Whiteboards section to centralize, store, and collaborate. To learn about using Whiteboards with Projecturf, visit our support center.

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