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New Report Enhancement: View Hours and Fees by Project, Contact, or Both

The Global Hours and Fees report was used to display the hours and fees by user. However, based on your feedback, we have just released an updated version of this report that now includes the following options:

  • View by contact
  • View by project
  • View by project, expanded
  • View by contact, expanded

These views were added as an additional filter and therefore you can still filter by a specific contact first. The first two options above display a summary by contact or project, whereas the ones which say “expanded” show the summary followed by the break out of the hours and fees for each project by user (as shown below) or the break out of the hours and fees for each user by project.


With these new enhancements, you can quickly see which projects and contacts have the most hours and fees logged and which projects need updating or are not as involved yet. This update was a direct result of feedback received by you. You can submit ideas or vote on existing requests from the suggestion forum.

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