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Quick Tip: Export Timecard Fees and Expenses

The Timecard section lists all hours, fees, and expenses for a project. You can view the timecard entries when in a project or across all of your projects by navigating to the Global Timecard section. As a quick and useful tool, you can export this data at any time to a CSV file by clicking on the export icon on the far right of the gray filter bar (as shown here).


Before exporting the data, you can set filters to specify your desired output. You can filter the entries by author, billable or non-billable, the time period, and paid or unpaid items. Once filtered, simply click the export icon and it will begin downloading to your computer as a CSV file based on the filters you set. The exported data will show all information including the notes and name of the project associated with each entry. Exporting timecards is available at the project and global level.

This is very handy if you need the data in excel or wish to import it into another software program such as Quickbooks.

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