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Timecard Reporting: Easily View all Hours and Fees

The Timecard section lists all hours, fees, and expenses entered on a project. This includes unpaid and paid items as well as billable and non-billable fees. In addition, Projecturf offers simple reporting on the unpaid hours and fees that are entered into the Timecard sections. This report displays the billable and total hours and fees for each user and it is nicely formatted to print. The report is available for each project, but is also available as a global report in order for you to see the hours and fees across all your projects. You can easily filter by user and select the time period you want displayed. This is a quick way to see the amounts that need to be paid to each person and how much time your users are logging.


When viewing the report, only project managers can see everyone’s timecard entries on a project. Basic users can only see their own entries.

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