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Use Version Control with Your Project Documents

Each project in Projecturf includes a Documents section to centralize all your files. When uploading a document, you can set permissions by checking off the names. Anyone given permission can upload a new version of the file. This is a simple way to keep track of all revisions and always have the latest file available. This also eliminates the need to email files back and forth or spend your time searching for the latest one. To use this feature, click on the action panel to the right of the file name and select “new version” from the drop down list. Once you’ve uploaded a new version, it will display the most recent document with the prior versions indented below it. You will have access to all previous versions and see who uploaded them. Visit the support center to learn more about file versioning.


Also, If you need to have a discussion about the file or have someone update it, you can collaborate on it by starting a discussion when adding the document. This can also be done from the Discussions section and users can reply quickly via email.

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