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Add Time Spent on Tasks and Tickets

Next to each task in Projecturf, there’s a timer icon that is used to input the time spent on a task. After clicking the icon, you can quickly input the hours, date, hourly rate, and mark it billable. Once you record your time, the icon will turn blue and you can view the hours and fees associated with that task by clicking on it. Time can also be recorded in the Global Tasks section which displays tasks across all of your projects. This functionality is available for both the Tasks and Tickets sections. All time recorded will be displayed in the Timecard section of the project as well. You can use the Timecard section or the Hours and Fees report to filter and view the data. Remember, access to Timecard data is based on permissions and therefore only project managers can view someone else’s time entries on tasks or tickets. Watch this short video tutorial to learn more:

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