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Collaborate on Documents & Designs

Projecturf offers simple ways to collaborate on files and gather feedback on designs. When uploading a new design or document to one of your projects, just fill out the message box to begin a new discussion. If you send an email notification with the new message, users will be able to reply via email. By adding a message, you can solicit feedback, add any important comments, and ask users to make changes or add information to a file. All comments on documents and designs are linked directly to the Discussions section. You will see the number of comments associated with each file to the right of the file name. By clicking on the number of comments, you will automatically be directed to that specific discussion where you can add a reply or make other changes.


If a document or design has already been uploaded, you can start a discussion about it from the Discussions section. After you click to add a new discussion, change the type to Document or Design and then select the file name from the drop-down menu. From there, you can set permissions and send email notifications of your new discussion.


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