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Quick Tip: Copy All Tasks, Subtasks, and Events

Instead of starting from scratch when setting up new projects, you can easily utilize what you’ve already created on other projects. When creating a new project, you can copy over all of your tasks and subtasks, calendar events, document folders, and contacts from an existing project. This is extremely useful when you need to have the same tasks or events on multiple projects. You can also choose a different start date for the new project, which will automatically shift the dates on all of your tasks, subtasks, and calendar events. This is done for you so that you won’t have to manually update the dates for each item. When the dates shift, the task and event start dates will also skip weekends if they did not originally begin on a weekend.

To duplicate a project, simply select an existing project from the Choose Template drop down menu when adding a new project. Set a start date and give your new project a name. You can learn more about how project templates work by clicking here. Now get started on your project with all your tasks, subtasks, document folders, contacts, and project settings pre-populated!


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