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Sharing Bookmarks & Code Snippets in Your Projects

Projecturf allows you to store and share bookmarks and code snippets in each one of your projects. Adding bookmarks is simple and let’s you keep a list of all the URL’s that you need for a project and want to share. You can also store login information, add a name, and create a description for the link when entering the web address. Once you’ve added a link, click on the name and from there you can open it, delete it, or save changes to it. Bookmarks are added in the Tickets section and are accessible by anyone on the project. The Global Tickets section lists the bookmarks across all of your projects in one place. Adding bookmarks comes in handy when you need to share links with the project team or client, and also to store and remember important URL’s.


Adding and sharing code snippets is just as easy as sharing bookmarks and is a useful tool for developers. You can copy and paste code from any programming languages directly into your project. To add your code, navigate to the Tickets section of your project and click the “+” button next to code snippets. Simply give it a name, select a language, and paste in your code. You can open the code at any time by clicking on the name you gave it. This is shared with everyone on a project and is also added into the Global Tickets section for quickly accessing code snippets for any projects. Visit our support center to learn more about uploading and sharing code snippets.


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