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Quick Tip: Easily Sort Your Project Data

Projecturf offers several different ways to view and find data in a project and across all of your projects. This includes using data filters, activity dashboards, search bars, global views, reports, calendars, Gantt chart schedules, and simple sorting – to name a few. Having these tools allows you to see how your projects are progressing, find things quickly, and to easily manage workloads and update your project plans.

You can easily view data based on your preferences. A simple and useful tool to quickly view your project data in the order you wish to see it in is sorting. Most of the sections in Projecturf include column headings and you can click any heading to sort. For example, if you want to see a task list across all your projects sorted based on when they are due, just click the end date column heading for a quick sort from the Global Tasks section. You can also apply filters before sorting to refine your results. For instance, you can choose filters to show a specific user’s tasks and only their unfinished tasks. After applying your filters, simply click a column heading to sort the data. You can also print your lists from your web browser.


The same sorting capabilities apply in the other sections of your project management app such as Timecards, Tickets, Documents, and Whiteboards. Each section in Projecturf has it’s own custom column headings based on the relevant functionality for that section. As an example, in the Timecard section you can sort by amount to view the largest entries first or vice versa. This makes it easy to find what you need when you are tracking progress and jumping between projects and sections.

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