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Quick Tip: Inviting Users to Your Project Management Tool

To invite people to register with your Projecturf account, just simply add them to a project. Once you add them to a project, they will receive the registration email to sign up. Before adding users to a project, you can get started by entering or uploading your contacts to your Address Book. Note that adding users to the Address Book will not send them the registration email. Users from your Address Book can easily be added to a project from the Project Settings page as shown here:


The Address Book is a great way to store your contacts and organize them into groups. This allows you to upload and store as many contacts as you’d like in your Address Book without emailing them all at once and also gives you the flexibility to send out registration emails only to users you will invite to a project.

You can also add users to the project from the Contacts section in the project. Adding someone in the Contacts section will send out the registration email as well.


To learn more about adding users to your project management application, we have outlined this topic in greater detail in the help center. If you prefer video tutorials you can watch the Getting Started video here.

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