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Quick Tip: Mark Tasks, Tickets, and Events as Private

When adding new items to a project, you can mark them as private by simply checking the box that says make private. This is available in the Tasks, Tickets, and Calendar sections in each one of your projects. By making the item private, only the users that are included on the item and the person that created it will be able to see it. This privacy setting applies throughout the application so that only those given permission will see it in the other areas it’s displayed such as the Dashboard, Reports, Gantt charts, and Global Tasks section. Marking items private is useful if you don’t want to share everything on the project with a client or staff member, if information is confidential or just internal to your company, or if you don’t want to include items on everyone’s calendar and to-do list that aren’t relevant to them.


When adding new items in the other sections of your projects such as Documents and Discussions, you simply select who gets access to it. In these sections there isn’t a need for a make private option since you’re not assigning items to people. Therefore, anyone that isn’t granted permission won’t be able to see it since they are automatically private. Visit the Projecturf support center to learn more about marking items private.

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