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Simple Time Tracking in Every Project

Each project in Projecturf includes a built-in timer for tracking your billable and non-billable hours. When you are working on a project, you can start the timer by going to the Timecard section and clicking the play button on the top right of the navigation bar. You can also pause, restart, and reload the timer as needed.


Once the timer has been started, it will remain running even if you jump between sections and projects. The timer icon will always be shown on the left side of the project tab when you have an active timer running in a project and you can run multiple timers at the same time. The timer will continue running until you pause or reload it, even if you logout of your account.


You can easily add your recorded time to a project by clicking the plus button and choosing Grab From Timer from within the Timecard section.


If you wish to add time to a task or ticket, just do a quick search for your task / ticket when entering your time and select it. Once your time is added, the dollars are automatically calculated for you based on your hourly rate. Hours and dollars entered as billable are tracked against the project budget at the bottom of the Timecard section (this is only viewable by project managers). Project managers can see everyone’s timecard entries whereas staff members and clients can only view their own. You can learn more about the time tracking capabilities in the Projecturf support center.

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