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Easily Set Admin Rights in Your Project Management Tool

Projecturf allows you to have multiple admins in your account. You can add as many admins as you prefer and also set the permissions for each user. Admins will see all projects in your account and are able to create projects and add themselves to projects. You can easily add and remove admins as well as set the admin permission type for each user with just a few clicks. This gives you full control over who can access your projects, Address Book, and account data.

To get started, the user first needs to register with your Projecturf account. Simply create a project and add the user to the project to send them the registration email. If you have an existing project, you can just add them to that project. Once they register with your account, you can add them as an admin in the account section under System Settings as shown here.


There are two different types of admins in Projecturf. The first is a System Admin. System Admins have access to everything the account holder has access to including billing and system settings. They can also add and remove admins from your account. The other type is a Project Admin. Project Admins can only create new projects and access the global Address Book.

In the Address Book, there is an icon to denote the System and Project Admins on your account. A gold key (shown below) signifies a System Admin and a gray key signifies a Project Admin. This is a quick way to see which users have admin permissions. You can also view the list of all admins as well as add new admins, remove admins, and set admin permissions under System Settings in the account section.


To learn more about the different permissions available in your project management software, use this permissions infographic or visit the help center topic on roles and permissions.

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