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Easily Track Tasks in Your Project Management Software

Each project in Projecturf includes a Tasks section for creating tasks and subtasks and assigning them to staff members, clients, and managers on the project. After assigning tasks to users and setting due dates, you can easily track when tasks are completed, changed, or become overdue. To get notified of new tasks, completed tasks, and when tasks are edited, you can use the Dashboard section to view latest activity, subscribe to the Daily Progress Report email, use the RSS feeds, or allow email notifications for updates. When a task becomes late, the end date automatically turns red to notify you it is overdue as shown below.


When viewing your task lists, you can use the built-in filters to view tasks by person and to view incomplete or completed tasks. You can also use the quick sorting options to see them in the order you prefer as described here. These filters and sorting options let you quickly see the tasks that are due today, tasks that were completed, and the tasks that have upcoming deadlines for each person on the project.


You can also view and track the task lists across all projects from the Global Tasks section. If you want to see the overall workloads for each person, the Reports section includes a Global Task Assignment report for easily managing resources.

Another useful tool to get a quick overview of all tasks on your project is the Project Completion Report, which displays the status of every task and subtask (overdue tasks are also shown in red here), the due date, duration, who’s responsible, and % complete. This report can be filtered and sorted based on your preferences. Visit this previous blog post to learn more about using the Project Completion Report in your project management tool.

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