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Get Things Done Quickly & Improve Collaboration with Clients

A simple way to collaborate with clients, keep them informed, and get their feedback is by inviting them to your project management tool. Before you invite a client to join your Projecturf account, you can set custom permissions for your clients in each project. This can be done by granting read/write or view only access to any section or also hiding sections that clients won’t need access to. Therefore, you can set up each project based on your project requirements and grant or restrict access as you see fit. For example, if you don’t plan to use the Tasks section with a client, then simply hide that section when setting the client permissions.


Once you’ve added your client to a project, you can begin collaborating and getting things done using Projecturf. You can easily calendar upcoming meetings and events, share and collaborate on ideas related to the project using whiteboards, set budgets and track hours and expenses against the budget, create discussions with clients to keep all project related communication in one place, share files and keep track of the latest versions, assign tasks and set due dates, share project schedules, and much more. If you are a designer and need to showcase your work to a client, you can use the Designs section which nicely lays out all your designs in a thumbnail gallery. Clients and co-workers can preview the designs inline, rate them on a five star scale, add comments and feedback, and approve them right in Projecturf.

Projecturf will keep you and your clients up to speed on all the moving parts of your projects at all times. By using the email alerts, you will always get notified of any new items or changes made to your projects. You can also track progress and updates by using the activity dashboards, RSS feeds, and Daily Progress Report emails.

Navigating Projecturf is quick and easy for your clients. They can click any section to quickly access the data they need and to add new items. Lists can be filtered and sorted with only one or two clicks to instantly find what they’re looking for. Clients can also use the built in search tool to find items quickly. Also, when your clients receive email notifications, clicking the link in the email will take them directly to that specific item in Projecturf so they can immediately see it and respond if necessary or even reply via email. Visit this previous blog post to learn more about the benefits of the Projecturf user interface.

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