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Quick Tip: Online Project Management Tracking with RSS Feeds

A simple way to track the latest activity on your projects is by using the RSS feeds. Each project in Projecturf includes an RSS feed which you can copy into the RSS reader of your choice. You will see all activity that occurs on the project in your RSS feed based on your permissions for that project. It shows the project history similar to the Dashboard section with the date and time of the activity and a link to each item. It also displays the details of the item such as who posted the update, the participants, if it’s private, any comments, when it’s due, etc.

Using the RSS feed, you can track all activity including when tasks and tickets are marked complete, a new document is uploaded, designs are approved by a client, discussions are created, Timecard entries are marked paid, and when a Whiteboard is updated – just to name a few. Here is an example of a recent event that was created and shows up in the feed:


To access an RSS feed, simply navigate to the Global Projects page and click on the actions panel to the right of the project name you want to track. Then copy the feed to paste into your RSS reader. There is a separate feed for each project, which is easily identified by the project name in the RSS reader.


There are many options when choosing how to view your RSS feeds. You can easily add them to your email client such as Outlook or Mac Mail, bookmark them in your internet browser such as Safari, or use any RSS reader. Some popular RSS readers for tracking your feeds include Google Reader, Feed Demon for Windows, and NetNewsWire for your Mac.

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